Automation of analog circuit engineering using MATLAB

Expexted in June 2017

Price:€ 749,00 excl. VAT
Duration:1 day, +31 85 401 3600


A new one-day seminar about the new symbolic circuit simulator SLiCAP-MATLAB: Setting up and solving design equations for analog circuits.

The capabilities of this simulator reach far beyond those of existing symbolic Spice simulators. It can be used for deriving design equations that relate properties of active and passive devices to those of the complete circuit. With the aid of these design equations and a component library with available components and their properties, the engineering of analog circuits can largely be automated. SLiCAP concurrently generates html design reports.

SLiCAP is a Symbolic Linear Circuit Analysis Program build with MATLAB and its symbolic Toolbox. It has many built-in functions for supporting analog design automation and to support the design method presented in the courses DAE-AE1, DAE-IC and DAE-AE2. Click here for a full overview of its benefits, features and capabilities. 

Included in the course price are the course book, a license and one year support of the symbolic simulator SLiCAP.

Course participants require a laptop and a license for MATLAB including the Symbolic Math Toolbox.

For those who cannot make use of a company license, a low-cost home version of MATLAB including the Symbolic Math Toolbox for self-study can be acquired.

This license is not included in the course price.


After having attended the course, the participant;

  • will know the setup of the new symbolic circuit simulator: SLiCAP-MATLAB;
  • will able to use the new symbolic circuit simulator: SLiCAP-MATLAB; 
  • will know how to automate the engineering of analog circuits.

Intended for

Engineers and teachers interested in analog electronic design and circuit engineering.

Education: At least BSc in physics or electrical engineering.

Basic knowledge of MATLAB is required.


This one day seminar consists of two parts: a seminar part in the morning and a workshop part in the afternoon.

Seminar session

During the seminar the operation of the MATLAB version of SLiCAP will be explained and demonstrated. The following topics will be addressed:

  • Theory of operation of SLiCAP
  • Built-in models
  • Analysis types
  • Way of working
  • Using the results in MATLAB
  • Generating HTML reports

Workshop session

Execution of one or more SLiCAP exercises:

  • Noise design
  • Biasing design
  • Filter design
  • Amplifier bandwidth design
  • Pole-zero analysis
  • Root-locus plots, Bode plots and time-domain plots
  • Generation of HTML reports


Lectures, practical training.




A T2Prof / HTI certificate.


Expexted in June 2017

Automation of analog circuit engineering using MATLAB

Tel. +31 85 401 3600

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