Programming in Labview 2

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A 2-day LabVIEW programming course to extend your programming skills. Learn building graphical user interfaces, communicating with other applications and creating practical architectures.


LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench) of National Instruments is a graphical programming environment by pictographs, not by text, for performing measurements and data acquisition, analysis and graphical presentation of information. This course second in row addresses programming skills such that the participant is able to develop simple applications.


After the course the participants will know different program architectures and will have acquired the knowledge/skills to use and adapt applications of LabVIEW in practical situations. The participants will be able to develop simple applications in LabVIEW.


This training is given by a Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA).

Intended for

Laboratory employees, development engineers and project leaders who are involved in the definition and execution of measurements. Educational level should be at least technical college. Minimum level of knowledge and experience is the course ‘Labview: introduction in language and programming 1’.


Practical architectures, design techniques

Dataflow with state machines

Parallel programming, synchronization mechanisms.

Data transfer: local/globals, functional globals, objects.

Event programming

Data input and output

Local files (ASCII, binary, ini files, datalog files), databases.

User interface, improving an existing VI
Performance aspects

Profile window, memory, data types.

Creating and distributing applications

Practical examples from Philips Research


Methods: lectures, practical workshops with a PC. Course material: book. Award: certificate.




On request

Programming in Labview 2

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