4 new Software trainings


In cooperation with our content partner Systems & Software Academy and with Alten & Essensium, we offer the following courses: 'Embedded Linux', 'Modern C++', 'Enterprise Architect' and 'User Experience-training'. These are now part of our Software portfolio.
Embedded Linux Training
This 5-day training is intended for engineers who want to build an embedded Linux system from scratch or for commercial embedded Linux solutions. The training covers the various components of an embedded Linux target, the development choices and the different debugging possibilities. Read more>>
Enterprise Architect
The Enterprise Architect tool training is a classical training that is perfectly suitable for participants with experience in UML (Unified Modelling Language) and object-oriented development. They will learn how to work with the UML modelling tool Enterprise Architect. Read more>>
Modern C++
The training Modern C++ is targeted at the way this language is used nowadays. The curriculum covers the whole area of C++ from basic needs up to advanced designs. There is an emphasis on applying a modern style, resulting in code that is correct as well as clear. Read more>>
User Experience-training for software engineers
User interfaces are becoming more important every day and users expect a user experience as nice as their high performance smart phones. During our 1-day training UX for Software Engineers we equip you with basic knowledge of good user interface design. Not only will you learn about the fundamentals, but also you will gain hands-on experience. Read more>>

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