Be(come) excellent in mechatronics


Mechatronics AcademyHow can teams be more successful and have more fun while working on challenging mechatronic projects? This requires team members that are experts in their own field, and that are able to work out system solutions together with their colleagues working in other disciplines. In order to do that they need to have basic understanding of adjacent disciplines and possess a cooperative attitude and cooperation skills.

To address this competence, Mechatronics Academy, founded by Professor Maarten Steinbuch, Professor Jan van Eijk and Dr. Adrian Rankers, has developed 13 post bachelor/academic mechatronics trainings, which are offered to the high-tech community via The High Tech Institute (HTI). All trainings have been developed in cooperation with leading experts from industry and academia and share the concept of a mix of essential theory, interaction and practical exercises.

The training “Mechatronics system design” (Metron) plays a central role in the framework of Mechatronics Academy. This course, consisting of two parts, gives introductory lectures in all areas identified as key to mechatronics developments and forms the basis for a better understanding of adjacent disciplines and their challenges, solution space and interdependencies. The Metron course is complemented by focused courses in a number of disciplines within the field of mechatronics like “Motion control tuning”, “Thermal effects in mechatronic systems” and “Dynamics and modelling”.

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