Best training for power supplies until 300 watt


Design of switch-mode power supplies - Full courseAs of December 9th, designers, controllers, project managers who deal with switch-mode power supplies for consumer and related electronics until 300 watt can follow a high level training about this in Eindhoven. Because of its difficulty the training ‘Design of switch-mode power supplies’ will be divided into two parts of three days: 9-11 December 2013 and 13-15 January 2014. Work experience is not necessary, but a technical bachelor with a background in analog electronics is.

The training is designed and taught by Frans Pansier, power supply architect at NXP. ‘After you followed this training, you know how to make a switch-mode power supply that satisfies all requirements of the end consumer. Because of that, we are going to analyse in-depth and we will thoroughly cover every aspect.'

Pansier continues: ‘The fact that we specifically face switch-mode power supplies for consumer electronics until 300 watt makes this training unique. You cannot find the knowledge and techniques for this in a book. Furthermore, you will get a lot of practical instructions based on examples from current practice. Most important is the understanding of the activity of a power supply.’

See for more information: Design of switch-mode power supplies

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