Excelling your job


Excelleren in je werkThe high tech world changes constantly and fast; high tech professionals work under high pressure in complex projects. ‘When you lose your attention for a moment, things go wrong’, knows Jaco Friedrich, trainer and coach since 2000 and associated with The High Tech Institute as a partner, course leader and lecturer. ‘Paying attention is working with your awareness. You need your awareness to excel under these circumstances, customary in the high tech industry. You cannot rely on your routines, because you need to be flexible and creative. But awareness, what is that? And how can you get grip on it?’

Together with colleague trainer and coach Gert-Jan van Schaik, Friedrich wrote a book about it: ‘Excelleren in je werk. Het verschil tussen goed en buitengewoon goed.’ The book associates with all leadership and communication training courses at HTI. 

The authors consider excelling as deliberately and decisively doing exactly what is necessary. With that, five aspects play a part: notion of the situation, factual observation, decisiveness, an intention that is bigger than only yourself and awareness. The book has all kinds of exercises to train directly and functionally the awareness during daily life. ‘When you train neutral and factual observing, you are increasingly able to see when you colour the situation with your own interpretations’, gives Friedrich as an example. ‘That colouring makes it often hard for you to react correctly to events which surround you. And then you are not excelling.’ 

In the book also a few senior professionals tell how they use their awareness to perform better. ‘They often make connections with people out of their daily network or social life. They use the things they learn from that in their work. People that excel also have the habit to constantly critically evaluate themselves. Because of that they make the most out of every situation.’

According to Friedrich, training your awareness forms a natural way to keep developing and proving yourself. ‘The quality of your awareness is determining the quality to act as a leader and professional. And that is exactly what professionals want; excelling in their job.’

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