Extension of EMC course portfolio


Electromagnetic compatibility - design techniquesCourses, Power integrity for product designers and EMC course for mechanical engineers, are an addition to the hands-on course Electromagnetic compatibility - design techniques.

‘Every new generation IC components is faster, but has also a higher frequency’, says lecturer Marcel van Doorn, EMC technology & strategy manager at Philips. ‘This leads to an increasing amount of EMC problems. The products radiate more. Moreover, they are more sensitive for failures because of the lower supply voltage.

’Furthermore, functional problems arise among other things with the signal and the power supply. ‘You can prevent for example functional problems with right power design and special lay out actions for the printed circuits boards.’The new two-day course ‘Power integrity for product designers’ learns participants to find the balance between functionality and EMC. At the moment other trainings in this area do not yet exist. The course uses the brand new simulation package by Mentor Graphics.

Also in the low frequent area problems arise, in particular failure peaks on the electric power transmission because of an increasing amount of solar cells and LED lamps. ‘You can suppress those peaks by technical actions, but new technical standards are also relevant’, says Van Doorn. ‘It is important for engineers to be aware of that. Because of that we start with a special EMC training for them.’ The new one-day course ‘EMC for mechanical engineers’ informs the engineers about the EMC field of study and teaches them the language of the electrical engineer. ‘This way you are able to deliberate more effectively and efficiently about technical specifications.’

Both courses contain a practical approach. ‘Based on concrete examples, we show that our design rules are right and our advices have a positive effect on the EMC behaviour’, tells Van Doorn. He regularly visits international conferences about EMC and he is clearly informed about the recent developments. ‘We see that a specific need of knowledge about EMC arises. In that respect, the new courses complement the already existing five-day EMC training at HTI perfectly.’

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