Extra edition for successful 'Iterative learning control' training


Motion control tuningIn a lot of industrial systems, movements or processes take place that have a repeating nature or malfunctions that keep coming back. In such situations a significant improvement of its performance can be reached by using Iterative learning control (ILC) or Repetitive control (RC). In both techniques, smart algorithms make sure they learn from former defaults by applying extra compensation signals. These techniques have gotten more advanced over the past 20 years and now possess good design procedures and guarantied stability criteria. Furthermore, research is still been done to improve the applicability even more.


Maarten Steinbuch and Tom Oomen, both from the Technical University Eindhoven, organized a renewed two-day course on the themes mentioned above on 13 and 14 March 2013. During the training, not only the theory is treated. Participants experiment with printer systems in pairs, implementing the actual algorithms in practice.


The course, that had participants from various branches such as front-end and back-end IC-machines, industrial printers, carpet looms and automotive gear systems, was a great success. Because there were more people registered than course places available an extra edition is scheduled for 4 and 5 November 2013.


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