Extra edition Metron2


Mechatronics system design Part 2Because of big interest, an extra Metron2 edition is planned in Eindhoven on 25th - 29th August 2014. Metron2 is de second part of the training 'Mechatronics system design'.

Key to true mechatronic developments are good communication skills and respect across disciplines like software, electronics and mechanics. It is found that awareness of the difficulties and opportunities of other disciplines greatly stimulates cross-discipline curiosity and co-operation. The same holds for a common vocabulary. All these and more are the objectives of the basic Mechatronics system design ourse, an 80 hours training program, attended by more than 700 designers to date.

The mechatronics course has no intention to intensively train people in-depth, instead it gives introductory lectures in all areas identified as key to mechatronics developments, complemented by design cases. These areas are: dynamic modelling of electromechanical systems (mechanical structure, actuators and driver electronics, sensors and controller), sensors and actuators, control design, interaction between mechanical design and control issues, design principles for precision mechanisms, software, thermal management and human ware in mechatronics.

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