Extra Sysarch edition in June


System architect(ing)System architects, senior developers and project leaders have been appreciative of the training  'System architect(ing)’ for years. Some comments on the last edition are: 'very useful, a recommendation for professionals working with or leading system architects' and 'the training exceeded my expectations'.


Gerrit Müller, who now is professor in Systems Engineering at the Norwegian Buskerud University College and senior research fellow of the Embedded Systems Institute, developed the training while working at Philips Research. Nowadays the lecturers are Jan Dobbelsteen (Buro Dobbelsteen) and Ger Schoeber (Hotraco iSolutions), who are both specialists in the field. Schroeber also teaches the course internationally. Recently he went to Nokia in Finland and found 'it is fun and challenging to do, and an enrichment to get to know another culture. System architects function in international teams regularly, so it is good to know how to bridge the differences in the way of working in order to cooperate in an optimal way.'  


Schroeber states the Sysarch training is unique. 'Among the participants are front-runners from various backgrounds. A system architect is challenged with convincing his mixed technical team as well as his management and the client of the value of his ideas and the profitability of new products. He will only succeed through good communication and persuasion. This is what is taught during this training.'  


Schroeber thinks it is important that participants are able to practise a lot during the course. 'Theory is important, but practise even more so. Participants have the opportunity to try things out without expecting perfect results. Furthermore, I like to share my own experiences and ask participants to do the same. As a result, everyone learns from each other.' This is confirmed by participants, as they state: 'I have learned a lot from the course material, as well as from the interaction with other participants' and 'I am now able to make further moves'.  


The last edition in March was quickly full. Therefore an extra edition is planned in June 2013. 

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