First edition of new 3-days 'Thermal effects in mechatronic systems' was successful


Thermal effects in mechatronic systemsBased on the feedback of earlier editions, the training "Thermal effects in mechatronic systems" (TEMS) has been extended with one extra day to leave more room for practical exercises and for advanced topics like active thermal control. Last week, the first 3-days edition took place and it proved to be a valued upgrade of the training. Applicants gave feedback like "Good training. Gives good insight in the thermal behaviour of mechanics." and "I enjoyed learning what is possible with thermal techniques nowadays. I was very impressed by the knowledge of the teachers." 

The TEMS course focuses on the various aspects related to thermal effects that impact the performance (accuracy, life time or process quality) of precision modules/systems. Participants acquire theoretical and practical background on design, simulation, measurement and compensation techniques that are essential in the development of precision modules/systems that are subject to internal or external thermal loads. After completion of the course, the participants understand the basic aspects, risks and concepts related to thermal effects and judge solutions and implications on system level.

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