Grant of max € 1,500.00 via Excelleren in Brabant


Creating business opportunities as a technology professionalNo training budget available? ‘Excelleren in Brabant’ now offers a training grant for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of max € 1,500.00 per employee.


The grant of ‘Excelleren in Brabant’ is directed at improving the learning cultures in small to medium-sized enterprises established in North Brabant. The approach to develop a learning culture will be different for each company, depending on factors such as size, type of activity or the extent to which there is a clear future perspective present.

Because of these different approaches, there are three different grant tracks to choose from:


1. Individual development track: Contribution to the costs of a course or training of an individual employee.
- A maximum of five employees.
- The end result is a completed course or training.
- Maximum grant amount: € 1,500 per employee.

2. Intervention track: Strengthening the company through learning in the workplace.
- A minimum of six employees.
- The end result is an executed plan of intervention.
- Maximum grant amount: € 5,000.

3. Advice and training track: Developing and executing a business development plan by educating the employees.
- A minimum of six employees.
- The end result is an executed business development plan.
- Maximum grant amount: € 9,750.

The goal of these three tracks is strengthening the learning culture in small to medium-sized enterprises. The enterprise is the applicant for the grant and may only apply once. 

More information about the grant tracks and the application procedure can be found

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