High Tech Institute and Scademy successfully rolled out first embedded secure coding training


High Tech Institute now collaborates with Secure coding Academy (Scademy), a specialist fully focused on training people to write secure code. In October, training ‘C and C++ secure coding’ took place in Eindhoven.

Ten participants attended and trainer Ernõ Jeges scored an average of 8.4 out of 10 for his way of teaching. Participants gave comments such as: ‘Very good training, with many illustrative examples, to make me aware of issues regarding software security.’ – ‘Training was very interesting and to me very revealing.’ - ‘I highly appreciate the content of the course, the teacher met the expectations. The course was quite interactive’. The next edition is scheduled for 9 – 11 April 2019 in Eindhoven. It is open for everyone to attend.

The Hungarian company Scademy offers almost forty courses; security for embedded systems is its specialty. Teaching people to write secure code is a labor-intensive endeavor. ‘The goal is not to teach people how to hack, but to instil paranoia. That emotion is important', says Ernõ. 'It has an impact which you will not get with online trainings.' Secure coding does not cost extra time, according to László Drajkó. ‘It takes time to learn how, but once you have there’s no difference.’

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‘In our training you do not learn how to hack, you learn how to put them aside’, say Ernõ Jeges (left) and László Drajkó (right) from Secure Coding Academy.

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