HTI extends its work field to Saudi Arabia


Saudi ArabiaIn December 2012, Marcel van Doorn, lecturer at The High Tech Institute (HTI), taught the two-day training course ‘Electromagnetic compatibility – design techniques’ (EMC) to designers of Advanced Electronics Company (AEC). This company was founded in 1988 and is located in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. AEC designs, develops and manufactures electronic products and systems for regional, national and international customers in the military, industrial and telecom world. One of their known productis the digital energy meter that automatically verifies and controls its energy consumption. Another well-known product is MADAR, an advanced management system that is able to localie vehicles. Also, AEC fabricates the Panther Radio, licensed by the Thales group.

Currently there are no legal EMC requirements in Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, there are an increasing number of customers who ask AEC to deliver their products according to international EMC laws (CIS-PR). Mainly due to this demand, the AEC management finds it necessary to offer their electronic and mechanic designers an EMC training.

AEC choose The High Tech Institute because of its good name and reputation built by the trainers who have worked for Philips’ Centre for Technical Training (CTT). Designers at AEC were familiar with the expertise and experience of these teachers. Subsequently, an on-site training in Riyadh with former CTT teacher Marcel van Doorn was set in motion by HTI.     

The EMC training started off by discussing the basic principles of electromagnetism. Next, practical design techniques for components, print cards, cables, shells and system architecting were taught. The practical demonstrations make the theory explicit.  Participants are able to immediately apply the knowledge gained to their daily practice. The course participants of AEC really appreciated this. During the training they constantly created products of their own. For most of the course participants, the two-day training was too short. They received the EMC book of Jasper Goedbloed as a reference guide.

According to Van Doorn: ‘The participants were educated in America, spoke English perfectly and showed inquisitiveness and complicity. Hence, the training became very interactive. In short, it was a very special experience in a completely different culture.’

AEC has shown interest in other HTI trainings, including the  ‘Signal integrity’ (SI) workshop. In the near future, the HTI expects to establish further collaborations with companies in Saudi Arabia.

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