HTI participant receives 1000th CPE certificate


DSPEYesterday, the 1,000th CPE certificate within the DSPE Certified Precision Engineer training framework has been awarded to Saudith Estela Durango Galvan from ASML, who successfully completed the training “Actuation & power electronics”. This new 3-day training has been set-up by Mechatronics Academy in cooperation with the trainers Rob Munnig Schmidt, Sven Hol and Helm Jansen, and it is offered to the precision engineering community via The High Tech Institute. 

One of the objectives of DSPE (Dutch Society for Precision Engineering) is to improve the level of knowledge and cooperation in the field of precision engineering in the Netherlands. Therefore, DSPE launched the CPE initiative in 2011. This program aims to promote post-academic technical education. Based on the demands in the market, DSPE has selected and qualified the best post-academic courses for precision engineers. The CPE program reflects the demand for multidisciplinary system thinking, excellent cooperative skills and in-depth knowledge of relevant disciplines. This combined investment in education aims to create a common way of working and to facilitate networking among precision engineers. Many precision engineers have successfully attended certified courses in the program and several participants are already well underway for full CPE certification.

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