ILC-training renewed and extended throughout


Motion control tuningThe courses ‘Iterative learning control’ (ILC) and ‘Repetitive control’ (RC) are all about smart algorithms learning from their mistakes. 'These techniques can be used for systems that repeatedly perform the same actions such as robots, certain motion systems and printers', researcher Tom Oomen explains. 'The group of researchers led by professor Maarten Steinbuch from the Technical University of Eindhoven performs pioneering research on these techniques. This research has already led to highly successful industrial practices.'

The completely renewed and extended ILC training not only offers the most recent theory, it treats practical issues as well. Participants get the opportunity to gain experience with developing 'self learning' controllers, applying them in industrial mechanical positioning systems and performance analysis. 'The practical appliance is most important. The aim of the training is for participants to nail the practical side of it, so they are able to use the techniques in their work', Oomen says. This applies for the popular trainings 'Motion control tuning’ and 'Advanced motion control’ as well. 'Some lecturers work in the industry. Others are PhD's, that bring in the latest developments and innovations they have or have not yet published about. This exchange of knowledge is important for the high tech industries. The evaluation forms filled in by participants in show that the balance between theory and practice is very well appreciated', Oomen explains.

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