Lateral thinking Short course scores 9.4 out of 10


Lateral thinkingOne of the first training courses that took place after our summer break was 'Lateral thinking - Short course'.

This 1-day training course has been developed a several months ago by lecturer Rex Bierlaagh, together with course leader Hans Vink, for those who prefer a short course instead of the 2-days version of Lateral thinking.

On the 14th of September a small group of course participants attended this training course in Eindhoven. Since this was the first edition of this Short course, we were curious for the scores in their evaluation forms.

The results of the evaluation forms were magnificent. The average score of this edition is 9.4 out of 10. Here are some quotes, which these particpants wrote in those forms;

  • 'Good structured, good mix of theory and practice and I had fun with the practice.'
  • 'Very recommended to creative people who like to think in a wide scope, difficult for conservative people.'
  • 'Very useful lecture with excellent content.'
  • 'Better than expected, I was afraid that the one day course had to few theory. But this was not the case.'

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