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Benefit from autism in your R&D teamExperienced expert and master trainer Mary Lou Leistikow has recently introduced two new training courses at HTI: ‘Simplicity’ and ‘The power of perception’. Leistikow started her career in hardware and software design and twenty years ago she came in contact with the thinking techniques of Edward de Bono. ‘His ideas are fascinating; they accelerated every process of design. In an easy and effective way, you learn creative thinking and communication. At the moment I preside think-tanks worldwide and I lead CEOs who want to innovate.’

During ‘Simplicity’ the participant learns to simplify complex projects to a saleable product. ‘The power of perception’ concentrates on a well-considered decision-making and preparing concrete action plans. Both courses support the courses ‘Six thinking hats’ and ‘Lateral thinking’, two training courses Leistikow already teaches at HTI. ‘With these courses you will let go ingrained viewpoints and discussions’, according to Leistikow. ‘We work with concrete examples, after which the participants have to make a translation according to their own practice. My part does not only consist of teaching the participants the theory behind the thinking techniques, but I also need to teach them how to handle them. And if it is necessary you need to do something different than the general theory.’

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