Lecturer Prof. Maarten Steinbuch to receive prestigious Simon Stevin Master title


Maarten Steinbuch KIVI Today technology foundation STW, part of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), announced it awards Prof.dr.ir. Maarten Steinbuch its most prestigious title: Simon Stevin Master.


Maarten receives this award for his work of connecting science and industry to solve pressing problems in society in areas like healthcare and cleaner electrical cars. With this title comes a grant of 500.000 Euros for further research.

Besides working as University Professor at Eindhoven University of technology, Maarten is co-founder of our content partner Mechatronics Academy and lecturer for our motion control trainings. He is also member of the High Tech Institute advisory board. 

We congratulate Maarten on this title and we are proud that he is willing to share his extensive knowledge and experience with our course participants.

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