Lecturer Wendy Luiten receives Harvey Rosten Award


Ir. Wendy Luiten received the Harvey Rosten Award at the Thermal Measurement, Modeling and Management Symposium (Semi-Therm) in San Jose, California on Thursday 13th March, 2014. The Harvey Rosten Award recognises excellence in thermal design and is sponsored by Mentor Graphics in honor of one of the founders of Flomerics, Harvey Rosten. It is awarded for work published during the year. Wendy Luiten received the award for her paper “Solder joint Lifetime of Rapid Cycled LED Components”, which was presented at THERMINIC in Berlin in September 2013. 

Wendy Luiten gives the workshop ‘Thermal design and cooling of electronics’ (CoE) together with ir. Clemens Lasance. Participants learn during the workshop how to recognize and avoid thermal problems. The chance of a 'first time right' design will increase tremendously. 

The next CoE edition is planned to start on the 20th May in Eindhoven. See for more information: https://www.hightechinstitute.nl/en/training/electronics/thermal_design_and_cooling_of_electronics_workshop/

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