Magazine Bits&Chips: edition 3 for free (English)


Bits&Chips is the leading news and opinion magazine for the high tech industry in the Netherlands and Belgium. The focus of this magazine is on news and trends in embedded systems, electronics, mechatronics and semiconductors. The central topic in their news items is the influence of technology.

This has a major overlap with the disciplines of our trainings. That is why we, The High Tech Institute, show our up-to-date calendar and highlight our upcoming or newest courses in each edition of this magazine.  

The upcoming 3rd edition of Bits&Chips, on Software quality is, for the first time, published in English. For their quality, reliability, safety and market success, high-tech systems are increasingly dependent on software development. What are the do’s and don’ts, what methods and tools are state-of-the-art? This issue, the first ever completely in English, shares experiences from the field.

To obtain a free copy of this edition, visit (You can order until 25th of April). This offer is only valid for addresses in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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