Motion control courses


Motion control tuningProfessor Maarten Steinbuch (Technical University Eindhoven) is already more than twenty years thé authority on motion control of elektromechnical servo systems. Together with his team of experts from academia and industry he developed and teaches the training courses ‘Motion control tuning’ (MCT), ‘Advanced motion control’ (AMC) and ‘Iterative learning control’ (ILC), which are now part of the training curriculum of content partner Mechatronics Academy. All three trainings have been selected by the Dutch Society for Precision Engineering (DSPE) within the framework of the Certified Precision Engineer program.

The MCT-course is targetted at all engineers that are involved in controlled mechanical servo systems and want to gain insight into the possibilities and limitations of servo control in an industrial setting and obtain hands-on experience in the actual tuning of SISO systems using time and frequency techniques.  

The sub-sequent AMC-course builds upon the knowledge of the MCT training and extents it towards the analysis and control of multivariable systems including an in-depth treatment of the interaction analysis, de-coupling and MIMO control. The knowledge will be applied to the hands-on case of a mechanical (2 axes) servo system and all relevant aspects incl. advanced feedforward will be treated. 

The 2-days ILC-course, which has recentely been renewed, focusses on modern control approaches that aim to increase the performance of systems that perform repeating tasks/set points and that suppress periodic disturbances. The analysis and design of ILC and RC controllers, adressing both performance and robustness/convergence, is treated and these controllers are implemented in real-time experiments.

All three courses consist of a mixture of lectures, demonstrations, exercises and hands-on experiments. For the exercises a userfriendly Matlab application is used, whereas the experiments are performed with hardware and RTLinux based instrumentation.

The next MCT-course is planned to start as of the 2nd of April and the next AMC-course as of the 6th of October. The ILC-course is planned on the 12th and 13th of March. All courses take place in Eindhoven. See for more information:

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