New training 'Benefit from autism in your R&D team'


AutismAs a response to the success of the lecture Absolute Thinkers in a Relative World, given by clinical pedagogue Peter Vermeulen (Autisme Centraal) during 'The art of reviewing', The High Tech Institute launches a new one-day course as from the autumn of 2015. Given by Peter Vermeulen, the course is entitled 'Benefit from autism in your R&D team'.

In today’s society, modern technicians are expected to possess good soft skills. These are a must when collaborating with various stakeholders in complex development processes. Technical professionals have a brain that regularly deviates from the average, which has implications for communication. These implications are comparable to those that apply to the extreme systematic brain, more commonly known as the autistic brain.

Autism is more prevalent in geographical regions where there are many high technology companies. People with autism use intellectual reasoning to do things that most people do intuitively. According to Vermeulen, this is the key to the teaching of social skills to people with autism. This fact, together with the various difficulties and pitfalls resulting for autistic people in communication, is examined and briefly reviewed during the new one-day course 'Benefit from autism in your R&D team'. Through examples and short exercises, participants will learn how to better shape and accomplish communication.

Enrol now for the first training session on 24 September 2015. 

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