Questions and answers HTI tech quiz - BCSS2014


Tech QuizPlease find the questions of the HTI tech quiz at Bits&Chips Smart Systems and the correct answers in bold below. The questions are related to popular trainings of The High Tech Institute. Click on the hyperlinks below the questions for more information on related training courses. 

1.For producing an IC different MOS technologies are used. Which doesn’t fit in the row beneath:

Related training 'Nanometer CMOS IC's basics' >> 

2.How many different values can be distinguished with a nibble?
- 2
- 4
- 8
- 16

3.Which unit doesn’t fit in the next (incomplete) series: femto pico micro deci kilo giga peta?
- Centi
- Deca
- Macro
- Tera

4.An analog computer is an analog device very suitable to perform certain functions. Please choose the function which doesn’t fit in beneath row:  
- Remember
- Add
- Multiply
- Integrate

Related training 'Design of analog electronics - embedded analog 1' >>

5.Which of these three heat transfer mechanisms is NOT present in vacuum?
- Radiation
- Convection
- Conduction

Related trainings 'Thermal design and cooling of electronics' and 'Thermal effects in mechatronic systems' >>

6.Which of the following 4 properties have a negative impact on the result of a mechatronics team?
- Team members are specialists in their own discipline
- Team members have basis knowledge of adjacent disciplines
- Team members possess cooperation attitude/skills and are respectful/curious towards other disciplines
- Team members protect their knowledge and do not share it with colleagues ("knowledge is power, so why share it?")

Related training 'Mechatronics system design' and trainings of the leadership & communication portfolio >>  

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