Relax and recharge this summer


SummerRelax and recharge this summer, to get fit and ready for developing both your technical skills and soft skills at The High Tech Institute. Make sure you register on time for popular training courses like Applied optics, Mechatronics system design - part 1, System architect(ing) and Thermal design of cooling of electronics, because these courses fill up quickly. In Spring 2014 these courses were recommended with an average of > 8 (out of 10).

Every year HTI extends her portfolio with new training courses. In November the training System requirements engineering is planned to start. This is a comprehensive training for those who work in multi-disciplinary projects, where a strong dependency exists on information transformation from stakeholders to developers, implementers, integrators, testers, and maintenance responsible. 

Shock proof design is also new in the portfolio of HTI and is planned on 26 and 27 November. The training is intented for mechanical designers of products that are subjected to shock and drop loading. After the course the participant is able to understand the dynamic effects of drops and shocks on products and is able to design products that have a higher resistance to this type of loading.

Interested in focussing on personal skills and leadership? Our '7 challenges' training , both module 1 and module 2, will start in Autumn 2014. The last edition of module 1 in June was evaluated overall with a 8,6 (out of 10). Check out some of the references:

During this training I received practical tips and tricks to improve my communication with clients and colleagues. I realise now why communication with a customer was difficult in a previous project. Currently I have the tools to recognise this and handle these situations better. M. Mors, Settels Savenije van Amelsvoort.

During practical exercises I experienced the strength of applying the theory. With this course anyone can improve their efficiency. R. Wielinga, Assembleon. 

I thought I was communicating correctly, now I realise that I talked mainly without the desired effect. Through this course, I came to understand that I can improve this with a number of tools and that these tools help me in accomplishing the effect I desire. During the three training days you get plenty of opportunities to practice and apply the tools with your fellow students. Different characteristics of the other students - with whom you immediately implement the tools you learn - enhance this. All in all, my insight in communication grew. W. uit Eindhoven.

This has been a very valuable course in which we learned fundamental communication techniques and learned to apply these. The techniques allow you (especially as a manager) to avoid or cope with the most important communication problems. I learned a lot during this training. Robert H.

 For more information on our leadership & communication portfolio, click here.

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