Review 'Summer school - Opto-mechatronics' 2012


Summer School Opto-MechatronicsFarzad Foroughi Abari (Technical University of Denmark)

'Having a background deeply rooted in applied signal processing I have always had a deep interest in mechatronics where various engineering areas convene. Considering the course to be my first in mechatronics I was looking forward to it; and I was not disappointed. The event turned out to be one of the most interesting short courses I have taken. The curriculum was well-balanced and there was a diversity of professionals from different institutes invited to give lectures. Moreover, the lectures mainly revolved around a real-life example, i.e., the delay line designed for European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) very large telescope (VLT).  

In fact, the instructors walked us through the most important design steps as well as system management requirements. Thus, the course content was a unique mixture of practical issues, essential theoretical concepts, and hands on experience.

So, what was the most interesting part of the summer school? Hard to answer when you like most parts. Yet, when I think and reflect back on it I find the summer school challenge and social event as the most appealing part. And believe me it was not because I happened to be a member of the winning team! Yes, the winning team. It was not a typical social event where you would eat and drink; in this one we had to compete, too! In a nut shell, it was a well-arranged social event where the participants were brought together in a loving and welcoming environment. Throughout that evening we socialized, had fun while we rivaled; the prize, a memorable trophy sitting on my table at the office.

What’s more, during the school I got to make new friends coming from a broad spectrum of professional backgrounds. Despite being a short one, the friendly environment bound the participants and lecturers together resulting in life-long acquaintance and friendship. At least, I know who to turn to next time I need to decide between a piezo actuator and a magnetic one.    

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