Vacuum courses under auspices of NEVAC


NEVACWhat makes the courses at HTI special is that all UHV1 teachers work under auspices of the NEVAC, the Dutch vacuum society. This only applies to a small number of teachers in the Netherlands. "We are all very experienced in the field of vacuum technology, both in practice and in theory”, instructor Dick van Langeveld says. "Because of our different backgrounds we complement each other perfectly."


Van Langeveld was interested in vacuum technology early on in his career as a fundamental researcher and surface chemist. "Doing it yourself and working on it is the strength of all HTI teachers. In addition, our training lasts several days and we spend all of that time on vacuum techniques."


During the introduction training, participants gain basic knowledge on how to create, measure and maintain vacuum. The advanced course focuses on designing and constructing in vacuum and ends with a practice day.

The courses are meant for professionals with a bachelors or masters degree. "The pace and level of abstraction are high." Van Langeveld likes it when students confront him with a question that is hard for him to answer, despite of all his experience. "That is what is fun about working with highly educated people."


The training will probably be extended with a practicum, offering participants the possibility to do simple experiments. "This is very useful because by experimenting, understanding comes."


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