World Autism Awareness Day


AutismEvery year on April 2nd, organizations and individuals around the world celebrate the day with unique fundraising and awareness-raising events. This day is even proclaimed by the United Nations in 2007.

In the Netherlands there are about 190,000 people with autism.  The information processing in their brains is different. People are born with this and it will be a part of their whole life. It is not being caused by the upbringing.

There are people with autism who, at the same time, have a high level of intelligence. Fortunately, many autistic people are therefore perfectly able to work. A systematic brain is perfect for highly specialized technology professionals. That is why managers or group leaders can actually learn from autism among their team members.

A group leader or manager who brings his or her message more efficiently to the team members with an extreme systematic brain – also known as the autistic brain – will find that communications within the entire team will improve.

On the 28th of April the Flemish autism-expert Peter Vermeulen will lecture the training ‘Benefit from autism in your R&D team’. During this course the difficulties and pitfalls in communication with autistic people pass by. With examples and short exercises, you will learn how to improve your communication in your team and how to prevent frustrations and misunderstandings.

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