PDEng. MSc. Erik-Jan Marinissen


Erik-Jan Marinissen

Erik-Jan Marinissen is Principal Scientist at IMEC vzw in Leuven, Belgium. Previously, he worked at NXP Semiconductors and Philips Research, both in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Marinissen holds an MSc degree in Computing Science (1990) and a PDEng degree in Software Technology (1992), both from Eindhoven University of Technology.
Marinissen’s research interests include all topics in the domain of test and debug of micro-electronics. He is co-author of over 230 journal and conference papers and coinventor on twelve granted US and EP patent families.  He served as Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Std 1500 and serves as Founder and Chair of IEEE P1838 on 3D test access. He is a founder of workshops on ’Diagnostic Services in Network-on-Chips’ (DSNOC), ’3D Integration’, and ’Testing of Three-Dimensional Stacked Integrated Circuits’ (3D-TEST). He serves on numerous conference committees, including ATS, DATE, ETS, ITC, and VTS, and on the editorial boards of IEEE Design & Test, IET Computers and Digital Techniques, and Springer’s Journal of Electronic Testing: Theory and Applications (JETTA).
Marinissen has been teaching numerous courses on test technology for the Philips Centre of Technical Training, as well as 23 tutorials at international conferences. Marinissen is a Fellow of IEEE and Golden Core Member of Computer Society.


Marinissen is recipient of the ITC 2008 and ITC 2010 Most Significant Paper Awards, the Most Inspirational Presentation Award at SWTW 2013, and Best Paper Awards at the Chrysler-Delco-Ford Automotive Electronics Reliability Workshop 1995 and the IEEE International Board Test Workshop 2002.

PDEng. MSc. Erik-Jan Marinissen gives the following training:

Electronics → Training Test and design-for-test for digital integrated circuits