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Course overview

Lateral thinking is a very practical training about thinking out-of-the-box. During the course participants learn how to generate a spectacular number of new ideas in a structured and simple way. Lateral thinking, developed by Edward de Bono, is more than just brainstorming! You will also learn to avoid the logical pitfall of brainstorming and how to turn an unpromising creative idea into an idea that is both practical and valuable! During one of the numerous practical exercises a small 'think tank' is held in which a problem of one of the participants is tackled and maybe solved.

On Lateral thinking, a Full course (2 days) and a Short course (1 day) is available.

The Full course will be a healthy combination of know how and application of the theory. Experiencing Lateral thinking by first hand and in a safe environment is an important key to success for using it in daily practice.

The short course will focus more on theory and less on applying it. For more information see the separate course description on this website.

After the Full course participants will:


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2 consecutive days


Drs. Rex Bierlaagh

Course Leader

Ir. Hans Vink


11-06-2018 | 09:00 - 17:00
12-06-2018 | 09:00 - 17:00




Tel. +31 85 401 3600

vIntended for

This course is for everyone who is in need for structured creativity, unconventional solutions and new innovative concepts.


Lateral thinking is a skill; doing it is the best way to learn this skill. The participants are working in learning teams. Each participant will make his own list of subjects that he wants to generate ideas for. This list will be used during the training in a way that participants experience how the skills and the process can be applied in the real-life environment! The training will be concluded with a Lateral thinking session about a relevant topic.

The logical need for creativity
The synergy of logical and creative thinking
The necessity for a structured creativity approach
The 4 Lateral Thinking steps:

  • Clearly defining the focus;
  • Four creativity techniques to think out-of-the-box, (Alternative, Challenge, Random Entry and Provocation) with the aim for idea generation;
  • Harvesting: structuring ideas with the aim to increase the yield of the idea generation step;
  • Treatment: take an (unpromising) idea and turn it into an idea that is both practical and valuable. This will take you further than brainstorming.

Develop your learning plan for after the training


Lectures, exercises, discussions, teamwork. Course material: workbook and materials to be used during and after the training.

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Lateral thinking - full course

Learn how to generate a spectacular number of new ideas in a structured and simple way. You will also learn to avoid the logical pitfall of brainstorming.

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