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Soft skills - Six thinking hats

Course overview

The way of thinking developed by Edward de Bono helps people to become more productive on a simple and effective way. Meetings become constructive, creative and more structured. People listen to each other and are open to different points of view. The Six Hats can be used individually but most power is gained when using the method in meetings and discussions. (We all know of meetings where the same person focuses on the same problem over and over again, without an option how to bend this into a constructive common solution.) In the course, you will learn how to separate thinking into 6 distinct 'thinking modes' and how to use this in your daily life. The concepts of the Thinking Hats will be explained, discussed and experienced in realistic cases.

Experiencing the 6 Thinking Hats by first hand and in a safe environment is an important key to success for using it in daily practice. 

After the short course, the participants are able to:


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1 day


Drs. Rex Bierlaagh

Course Leader

Ir. Hans Vink


26-06-2018 | 09:00 - 18:00




Tel. +31 85 401 3600

vIntended for

This workshop supports everyone who wishes to think in a structured way. Mandatory if you deal with change and innovation.


The concept of the Six Thinking Hats will be explained. The Six Hats can be used and will be practiced individually.


  • Why arguing is insufficient;
  • White hat: calls for information known or needed;
  • Red hat: being allowed to express intuition and feelings;
  • Black hat: stands for risks and problems.It refers to thinking that does not go with facts, experiences, rules, standards, etc.;
  • Yellow hat: the symbol of advantages and feasibility.It has an answer to questions such as: can it work, can it be adjusted, who is going to benefit and for how long and what is the present and future value?
  • Green hat: refers to alternatives and presents a natural way to introduce creative thinking inside your organization;
  • Blue hat: aims at the management of thinking.


Lectures, exercises, discussions, teamwork. Course material: workbook and materials to be used during and after the training.


Participants receive a HTI certificate for attending the training.

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Six thinking hats - short course

Helps people to become more productive. You will learn how to separate thinking into 6 ‘thinking modes’ and how to use this in your daily life.

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