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A one-day introduction into the basics of (CMOS) integrated circuits, their complexity, operation, possibilities and limitations. For people with little or no IC knowledge, active in the semiconductor industry in disciplines like management, logistics, marketing - sales and software development, who want to improve the communication with their technical colleagues.

More and more hi-tech companies integrate (CMOS) Integrated Circuits into their products. For good reasons: with ICs, products can be made smaller, run faster, use less power, be more reliable and have better IP protection. This 1-day course gives an introduction: what are ICs? How can ICs help me? What are their possibilities and restrictions? What does it take to develop an IC?


After the course, the participant: is aware on the basic principles of digital logic, A/D conversion and number systems; has some insight in modern IC technology and its increasing complexity; knows what ICs are, and where they can be typically applied; is aware on the IC design-, manufacturingand testing process; is aware on the consequences of low-power, testability, scaling and other requirements for ICs.

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This one-day basic course is developed for those who work in the non-technical disciplines of semiconductors, e.g. management, logistics, marketing - sales and software development. It is ideal for people with little or no technical background in integrated circuits, but who need an understanding of their complexity, their operation, their possibilities and limitations to better communicate with their technical contacts.



Lectures. Course material: book.


€ 600,00 excl. VAT


1 day

Teachers Harry Veendrick

Course leader

Ir. Hans Vink


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Tel. +31 85 401 3600

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Bits on chips - an introduction

Basics of (CMOS) integrated circuits, their complexity, operation and limitations, one-day introduction training.

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