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Course overview

Optics is the ‘enabling technology’ of the 21st century. To design optical systems, to specify and test optical components, to integrate optical components into products, requires knowledge and skills that can be learned in the CMOP course. Over the years the CMOP course has become one of the most comprehensive optical courses in Western Europe, unique in its concept, starting with theoretical basics, via practical optical system design and ending with a broad overview of optical applications.


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28 weekly morning sessions


14-09-2018 | 09:00 - 12:00




Tel. +31 85 401 3600


Technical Training for Professionals
Technical Training for Professionals

Certified by Euspen



After the course, the participant will have a thorough knowledge of modern optical concepts, their applications and the design of optical systems, the engineering problems and solutions.

vIntended for

The course is intented for optical designers working in research and development of optical systems. Educational level should be technical university (physics, electronics, mechanics). Prerequisite: a thorough basic knowledge of optics and practical experience in optical systems.


Optical basics (7 lessons):

- Electromagnetic theory

- Polarization
- Light & matter

- Diffraction
- Image formation & assessment

- Gratings

System design (13 lessons):

- Measuring and testing

- Paraxial optics

- Geometrical optics
- Imaging systems

- Lens design

- Optical engineering

- Optical design with Zemax

- Illumination

- Non-imaging optics

- Optical detection

Applications (8 lessons):

- Diffraction & micro-optics

- Lithography

- Waveguiding and lasers

- Non-linear optics

- Biomedical photonics

- Excursion to an optical development/ production facility


The length of the CMOP course is 28 half days from 9:00 AM till 12:00 AM in a period of 50 weeks. Study load excluding class sessions: homework 6 - 8 hours a week.


Lectures, self-study, individual assessments, group assignments, excursion.

Course material: course notes and books.


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Course on Modern optics for optical designers

One of the most comprehensive optical courses in Western Europe. Participants learn the theoretical basics, do practical optical system design and get broad overview of optical applications.

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