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Course overview

This three-day accredited course prepares you for the exam "ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer" and meets the requirements as set by ISTQB. You will learn all about test automation development, deployment, and improvement.

In addition to preparation for the exam the training will offer you lots of exercises to help you build up hands-on experience. Part of the exercises will even be based on your own System Under Test.

The course prices is € 1.795, excl. VAT and excl. exam costs € 250 excl. VAT.


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4 days (Incl. exam)


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After this training:

  • You can contribute to the development of a plan to integrate automated testing within the testing process;
  • You can evaluate tools and technology for automation best fit to each project and organization;
  • You can create an approach and methodology for building a test automation architecture (TAA);
  • You can design and develop (new or modified) test automation solutions that meet the business needs;
  • You can enable the transition of testing from a manual to an automated approach;
  • You can create automated test reporting and metrics collection;
  • You can manage and optimize testing assets to facilitate maintainability and address evolving (test)systems.


vIntended for

The training is aimed at people who already have achieved an advanced point in their careers in software testing and wish to develop their expertise in test automation. This training is meant for:

  • Test Analysts;
  • Developers;
  • Integrators;
  • Test coordinators;
  • Test Managers;
  • Test Consultants;


Prior knowledge or training required:

You possess the ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing.

Preferably you have some scripting/programming knowledge (or you are at least keen on learning this).


The training lasts three days, spread over a number of weeks in which you will learn all about developing, deploying and improving test automation solutions.

The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions will take place on day four of the course. With a score of 65% or higher you get the ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer Certificate.

Course outline:

Test Automation

  • Purpose of Test automation
  • Success Factors


Preparing for Test Automation

  • SUT Factors influencing Test Automation
  • Tool Evaluation and Selection
  • Design for Testability and Automation


The Generic Test Automation Architecture

  • Introduction to gTAA
  • TAA design
  • TAS Development


Deployment Risks and Contingencies

  • Test Automation Approach and Planning of Deployment/Rollout
  • Risk Assessment and mitigation strategies
  • Test Automation Maintenance.


Test Automation Reporting and Metrics

  • Selection of TAS Metrics
  • Implementation of Measurement
  • Logging of the TAS and the SUT
  • Test Automation Reporting


Transitioning Manual Testing to an Automated Environment

  • Criteria for Automation
  • Automation within Regression Testing
  • Automation within New Feature Testing
  • Automation of Confirmation Testing


Verifying the TAS

  • Verifying Automated Test Environment Components
  • Verifying the Automated Test Suite


Continuous Improvement

  • Options for Improving Test Automation
  • Test Automation Improvement


Application of the theory

  • During this training you will apply the things you learn on a real life application!


Exercises (case), discussions, test exams, e-coaching. All course material will be in English.


With a score of 65% or higher you get the  ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer Certificate.

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Training ISTQB Test automation engineer

You will learn all about test automation development, deployment, and improvement.

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