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System - requirements engineering

Course overview

This is a comprehensive training for those who work in multi-disciplinary projects, where a strong dependency exists on information transformation from stakeholders to developers, implementers, integrators, testers, and maintenance responsibility. In the training a method is presented that ensures both the quality of requirements as well as a systematic way of translating information from one abstraction level to another without losing information in the translation process. 


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Cees Michielsen

Course Leader

Ing. Ger Schoeber


21-05-2019 | 09:00 - 17:00
22-05-2019 | 09:00 - 17:00

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Tel. +31 85 401 3600
E-mail: training@hightechinstitute.nl



The training aims to: 

  • Define the context and pre-conditions for specifying good requirements;
  • Improve the requirement specification skills of the participants;
  • Define steps to establish a well-defined requirements engineering process, leading to effectively writing good quality requirements; 
  • Give insight into how product can be structured according to the complexity and dependencies as a result of decisions taken;
  • Enable the trainees to implement transparency and traceability for their specifications.

vIntended for

Requirements engineers, business analysts, systems engineers, system architects, marketing professionals, project managers, quality assurance professionals. Prerequisite: an open mind for innovative methods to manage and engineer requirements.


The training focuses on three dimensions: 

1. The product dimension

- Describing the relevant abstraction levels of information that specify the product and their dependencies;

- Identification and specification of the product’s architecture, systems, subsystems, disciplines, components and parts;

- Specification of the product architecture element requirements and design decisions, including their dependencies.

2. The process dimension

- With process steps, typical for each sector;

- Product development cycles (life cycle processes);

- Relationship between the process and the product dimension.

3. The people dimension

- Describing the skills and competencies of people directly or indirectly involved in the Requirements Engineering processes;

- The relationship between all three dimensions.

The 'Requirements engineering' training lays the foundation for consistent, transparent, traceable and verifiable requirements. A pre-requisite to develop large complex products in a multi-discipline environment. The examples and workshop parts will be tailored to fit the needs of the participants.


Presentations, lecture-type parts, workshop-parts and exercises.


Participants receive a HTI certificate.

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