In week 22 (29 May to 2 June 2017) the 17th International Conference & Exhibition by the European Society for Precision Engineering (euspen) is held in Hannover, Germany. We would like to inform you that Mechatronics Academy and Settels Savenije van Amelsvoort, both partners of The High Tech Institute, are involved in the following tutorials (both held on Monday 29th May):

  • Dynamics & Control of Mechatronic Systems delivered by Dr. Dick Laro and Tim Groothuijsen (MI-Partners) and Dr. Adrian Rankers ( Mechatronics Academy) (included in the full day tutorial is a copy of the book “The Design of High Performance Mechatronics” by R. Munnig Schmidt, G. Schitter, A. Rankers and J. van Eijk).
  • Vacuum Technology and Engineering for Vacuum Systems and Mechatronics in Vacuum delivered by Mark Meuwese and Gerrit van der Straaten from Settels Savenije van Amelsvoort.

More information and registration via the following link to the corresponding section on the euspen website: