Besides the interesting conference programme with the focus on high-end system development for smart engineering and technology you will be challenged to attend our hammer time contest. This contest has everything to do with our new training ‘Passive damping for high tech systems’.

High-Tech Systems Conference
On 11 April 2019, the Van der Valk hotel in Eindhoven is the place to gain knowledge on smart manufacturing, advanced thermal design and opto mechatronics.

We can provide you with a discount code so you will pay only € 200,- excl. VAT (instead of € 275,- / € 350,-) for your entrance ticket. We will provide the code by e-mail. Please ask for it via

Stop, hammer time! contest
With regard to our new training ‘Passive damping for high tech systems’ we came up with a challenge to get acquainted with this topic. Two plates, one with and the other one without damping, are being presented and it is up to you to guess what their relative damping is. The winners will receive a Tiny Tony’s distribution box.

Mark your calendar and join us at High-Tech Systems

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