A glimpse at our Sysarch and Metron trainings in week 40, 2020.
We did hold our breath in the last week of September 2020, but luckily our trainings could continu – with minor adjustments. Here are some pictures to get an idea of the atmosphere.

At AG Zalenverhuur (also known as Academisch Genootschap) the body temperature of all guests was measured before they could enter the building. The electronic thermometer typically shows normal values of 36 degrees. At 38 degrees people are asked to return home.

Even system architecting trainer Ger Schoeber was not able to skip this procedure.

The common thread during the system architecting training (Sysarch) week is an assignment to make a first proposal for the development of a totally new product or instrument and pitch a proposal to a board of management. The picture shows one of the four teams preparing for this.

Lunch is always a pleasant break after such intensive work – please note the 1,5 meter distancing that AG Zalenverhuur organized perfectly.

During the Metron training at BCN Eindhoven, that ran parallel to Sysarch, the organizing team had to switch to a hybrid edition from the middle of the week. Two participants decided to go online. One because his wife was tested positive and the other one because he caught a cold.