About High Tech Institute

High Tech Institute facilitates the growth of both individuals and teams working professionally in technology organizations. Our trainings focus on all the most important aspects to help these professionals achieve market success.

Our institute is trusted by many of the leading high tech companies from all around the world. We provide full programs on electronics, mechatronics, opticssoftware development and leadership.

Several of the courses are certified by the European Organization of Precision Engineering (Euspen).

Our approach

We understand the challenges of high tech systems development and the difficult road to commercial success in this market. Technological strength, practical experience, lessons learned, systems thinking and leadership qualities for successful teams are all essential ingredients. To support this, we develop top-flight high tech courses and work with trainers that are very active in their domain – keeping their noses to the grindstone. Read more in the letter of the general manager. 

History of High Tech Institute

High Tech Institute is rooted in the rich grounds of Philips Research and the Philips Centre for Manufacturing Technology (CFT). In fact, the Philips Centre for Technical Training (CTT) made these trainings available for the people of the Philips product divisions and for decades engineers, researchers and scientists from these organizations have developed the technical courses by using their leading edge knowledge.

Today, our trainings are developed by experts from the high tech industry, universities and research institutes.

We keep on strengthening our portfolio

The training portfolio of High Tech Institute is developed by specialized partners in the disciplines of electronics and optics, mechatronics and construction principles, systems and software development and leadership.

Our organization

The strength of High Tech Institute is based on the strong expertise of its partners and their ties to the high tech industry. These partners are Mechatronics Academy, T2Prof, Settels Savenije Friedrich and Software & Systems Academy. They are responsible for the development of the courses, safeguarding their quality and selecting the trainers.

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