Article 1: Definitions
1. Participant: person taking part in a training of High Tech Institute B.V. (organizer).
2. High Tech Institute B.V.: training institute, established in Eindhoven and Nijmegen, who organizes training courses as defined under 1.3.
3. Training course: specific day or days that participant has registered for knowledge and information transfer.

Article 2: General
1. Unless specifically agreed otherwise, these Terms and Conditions are applicable to all training course agreements between High Tech Institute and participant. With registration the participant accepts these Terms and Conditions.
2. The rights and/or obligations of the participant are not transmissible to any other party, unless previously agreed with High Tech Institute.
3. High Tech Institute is entitled at all times to make changes in the programme and location.
4. Deviations from these conditions are only binding if and unless confirmed in writing by High Tech Institute.

Article 3: Entering an agreement
1. The agreement between High Tech Institute and the participant is established by registration on the website. The participant will receive a confirmation of his/her registration.
2. High Tech Institute is entitled to refuse a training request without cause.
3. The participant commits with his/her registration not to act in violation with these Terms and Conditions.

Article 4: Prices
1. Given prices are exclusive of VAT and must be paid inclusive of VAT, unless indicated otherwise.
2. Prices are in Euros, unless indicated otherwise.
3. Countries which do not use the Euro as their own currency, will have to pay an additional amount of 50 Euro for administration costs (conversion currency).

Article 5: Payment details
1. The invoice of the training will be sent to the billing address of the participant or its employer. The invoice must be paid within 14 days after the date of invoice, however at least one week before the training.
2. Without payment the admittance to the training can be declined. The obligation of payment will remain in all cases.
3. The payment conditions differ for each training. In case complementary conditions apply to a training, the participant will be informed at the time of registration.

Article 6: Cancellation by participant
1. Cancellations by the participant need to be submitted in writing to High Tech Institute.
2. When cancelling up to 20 working days prior to the training date stated in the registration, no cancellation fee will be charged. When cancelling within the period of 20 to 10 working days leading up to the specified training date, the participant must pay 50% of the total fees due. When cancelling 10 working days or less leading up to the specified training date, the participant must pay the full amount.
3. The preparatory expenses, including development and preparation costs of the course and course materials, travel and accommodation expenses, should always be met, regardless of the time of cancellation.
4. The registration at High Tech Institute is final.
5. If participation in a training course should be cancelled by a participant, it is allowed to pass on participation to a colleague within the same organization. Do notify High Tech Institute in writing one week at the latest before the start of the training course. The obligation of payment will remain in all cases.

Article 7: Cancellation by High Tech Institute
1. High Tech Institute reserves the right to cancel a training course due to unforeseen circumstances relating to the implementation of the training.
2. The decision of cancellation because of an insufficient number of participants is basically made two weeks before the scheduled start date. High Tech Institute reserves the right to make a final decision about whether or not to continue the scheduled training course up to one week before the scheduled start date.
3. If the purchase costs have already been paid, High Tech Institute will refund the already transferred payment by immediate return.

Article 8: Program
1. The program is always subject to change. High Tech Institute cannot be held liable in any way for damage claims by participants and/or third parties.

Article 9: Written material and verbal instruction
1. The provided written training materials are copyrighted. It is not permitted to multiply these provided materials without prior written consent of the owner(s).
2. High Tech Institute cannot be held responsible for the (mis)interpretation by the participants of the recommendations in the written material and/or the verbal instruction of the training course.

Article 10: Promotion
1. It is not allowed by participant to advertise for external parties without written approval by High Tech Institute.

Article 11: Image and/or sound recordings
1. It is not allowed to make video and/or sound recordings without prior written consent of High Tech Institute.

Article 12: Liability and force majeure
1. High Tech Institute is committed to the task given to perform to its best ability.
2. If due to unforeseen circumstances a teacher is unable to give a training course, High Tech Institute will try to find a substitute teacher. If that proves to be impossible, High Tech Institute has the right to reschedule the training course to a further determined date. In that case the participant is free to cancel the training course without further costs.
3. High Tech Institute cannot be held liable for damage that a customer/participant may suffer as a result of cancellation of a training course.
4. High Tech Institute cannot be held liable for any damage that participants may suffer due to or during a training course.
5. High Tech Institute cannot be held liable for lost property or theft.
6. Participants are liable for any damage caused, directly or indirectly, by fault or negligence of themselves and for all damages and costs that third parties consequently could claim from High Tech Institute.

Article 13: Providing personal information
1. The personal data given to High Tech Institute are stored in a database, which is used to implement the purchasing agreement.

Article 14: Disputes
1. Each agreement between participant and High Tech Institute falls under Dutch law.
2. Disputes arising out of contracts to which these conditions apply, will be submitted to the jurisdiction in the city or area of Nijmegen or Eindhoven, subject to higher appeal.

Version: April 2018.