High Tech Institute is the marketing and sales organization of Mechatronics Academy (MA), Settels Savenije Friedrich (SS&F) , Systems & Software Academy (SA) and Technical Training for Professionals (T2Prof). These four partners own the trainings and are responsible for development, safeguarding the quality and the selection of the trainers. In total, the partners work together with around one hundred and fifty trainers from industry, research institutes and universities. 



We understand the challenges of high tech systems development and the difficult road to commercial success in this market. Technological strength, practical experience, lessons learned, systems thinking and leadership qualities for successful teams are all essential ingredients. To support this, we develop top-flight high tech courses and work with trainers that are very active in their domain – keeping their noses to the grindstone.

A technology-driven company’s competitive edge stems from the strength of its people and the decisiveness of its development teams. To help professionals grow, High Tech Institute believes in the following philosophy and methodology, deeply embedded into all our training courses:

  1. Transdisciplinary skills
    The formula for achieving a world-changing impact is relatively straightforward: it takes a broad understanding of the adjacent disciplines, coupled with strong cooperation and leadership skills. When experts from multiple disciplines work together to solve problems, professional effectiveness improves substantially. It’s about looking beyond one’s boundaries and the willingness to lend a helping hand.
  2. Learning by doing
    Our courses are interactive and comprise a mix of theory, practice and team exercises. We aim to send participants back to work with the confidence to utilize their new skills and insights immediately.
  3. In-depth and practical
    Our team of teachers combines state-of-the-art academic insights with years of industrial practice.



High Tech Institute is rooted in the rich grounds of Philips Research and the Philips Centre for Manufacturing Technology (CFT). For decades engineers, researchers and scientists from these organizations have developed technical courses by using their leading edge knowledge. The partners of High Tech Institute have take over this role since 2011.



Several of the courses are certified by the European Organization of Precision Engineering (Euspen) and the Dutch Society for Precision Engineering (DSPE) and leads to the ECP2-certificate.