Online & blended

High Tech Institute is using different types of online and blended learning methods. Our aim is to create the best learning journey for each participant. To achieve this, we match the right e-learning platform with a mix of practice and theory for each training.

For online, our main principle is to match the quality of e-learning trainings and classroom courses.

Depending on the requirements and customer demands, we use platforms such as Microsoft Teams to provide participants with pre assignments and training documents.

Would you like to know more about our online trainings? In this short video, Jaco Friedrich explains his approach.


In the past years we transformed trainings into interactive online courses through virtual classrooms due to the COVID-19 measures. Below you can read some of the reviews.

Leadership skills for architects and other technical leaders

Dynamics and modelling
– “Both Adrian and Hans were very good at explaining course content and did their best to keep the sessions interactive. I found lectures + exercises to be an effective combination. This is especially true for the modes/frf/20sim exercises. In the virtual setup, breakout sessions helped connect with the group and share ideas. Across 4 days the course content was rich and interesting.”
– “The online format worked fine in my opinion. Sometimes there were some struggles with the connections, but overall it was ok.”
– “I liked the fact that the training could be held despite the Corona circumstances. The green-screen set-up was very nice and is much preferable to just sharing a PPT directly via Teams. Well done here! Minor problems with ‘switching screens’, etc. were not too bad.”
– “Best online training so far for me. Green-Screen and videos made it a lot more personal. Calculate more time for connection troubles and brakes.”

How to be successful in the Dutch high tech work culture
– “Helpful and interesting, impressive assignments, and very nice organized in the current covid period.”
– “The interactive parts where we were applying the learned technics (with active interaction of the lecturers) was very useful.”

Software engineering for non-software engineers
– “Great teacher, very lively and enthusiastic. He did a good job in transferring to online course, was still interactive and fun!”
– “Nice setup, despite the online format still achieved results with the models fast. Excellent match with expectations in terms of content. Nico also gives the training in an energetic way.”

Effective communication skills for technology professionals – part 2
– “Since communication in corona time is mainly online, this was a good practice. It is however tough to be online for such a long time. It was a very useful training with a lot of interaction and I liked the group and trainer.”

System architecting masters – Pilot
– “Very effective solution, good with short breaks and assignments. Looking straight into the camera works very well.”
– “Good interaction, the seperate rooms were very usefull. The small group helped. So, better than expected.”

System architect(ing)
– “Zoom combined with Miro is working nicely.”
– “Worked surprisingly well, in the (relatively) small group (8 persons). Online whiteboard (miro) also surprisingly easy and efficient to work with.”
– “It was nice to see that the limitations of online provided posibilities for innovation. The shared whiteboard was very useful.”
– “Worked better than expected. Good interaction because of small groups. Convenient online tools (Zoom, Miro, sendsteps).”