High Tech Institute introduces a new EMC course for engineers who work on motion and power conversion systems. The first edition is planned for next May in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The focus of this training is on EMC problems that occur in the development and qualification of a wide variety of motion systems. In this field, engineers, designers, architects, project leaders and quality engineers typically encounter low-frequency disturbances caused by motion and power conversion systems.

The knowledge received from this course is applicable to systems from a few milliwatts, like small robotic systems – up to megawatts, like container transportation and wireless power transfer, large robot systems and automated manufacturing.

Industry experts Mart Coenen, Ramiro Serra, Mark van Helvoort and Ernest Bron will teach the new course, with an emphasis on choosing a proper cable, filter, grounding and shielding. Moreover, participants will learn how to use LTSpice tooling to analyze systems consisting of a motor drive, filter, cable and actuator. In addition to lectures, there will be several practical demonstrations, as well as hands-on sessions.

The 3-day course ‘EMC for motion systems’ is developed by High Tech Institute’s content partner Technical Training for professionals.