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Need to increase innovation power and entrepreneurial behavior in your organization?

If the answer to several of the below questions is ' yes ' , Design Thinking is a refreshing and effective method for you:

  • Do you experience difficulties while innovating new products, services and processes?
  • Are you looking for ways to move the organization towards an entrepeneurial mindset? 
  • Do you experience a lack of originality in solutions and get stuck on the same solutions all the time?
  • Do you think that people in your organization should show more initiative and creativity? 
  • Do customers keep surprising you with what they would like , instead of the other way around ?
  • Are there complex problems in your organization and you do not know how to tackle them?

Design Thinking is a way of innovation in which people are key. It integrates creative and intuitive thinking with analytical thinking. The latter is particularly well developed with us. However, with analytical thinking only complex problems can no longer be solved. They are too comprehensive to do so. Changes are taking place so fast around us that more is needed than just analytical thinking.


  • If on-site training is not feasible, we will transition to a live, interactive online (virtual) or hybrid format. If this transition is necessary, we will contact you in advance for your approval.
  • The training is also available for in-company sessions.


After the training you will be able to: 

  • Come to the core of an innovation challenge by using effective communication techniques;
  • Obtain an understanding into motives, frictions and needs of the end user;
  • Identify the customer journey and discover new opportunities;
  • Use practical and pattern breaking creative thinking techniques so that you can easily think of off the beaten path solutions;
  • Translate ideas into product or service concepts and visualize them;
  • Recognize the value of Design Thinking for your organization.

Intended for

This course is intended for managing technology professionals, system architects, product managers, project managers, marketeers and PR specialists.

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Course schedule To be determined
Duration 2 days in 3 weeks
Price per participant € 1,150 excl. VAT *
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Day 1
Practical exercise Design Thinking. Experience the different steps of Design Thinking in a practical exercise of 1,5 hour.

Empathy phase: learn how to take perspective and obtain valuable information of your stakeholders.

Define phase (theory): formulate a to the point innovation challenge based on the gathered information in prior steps.


In between day 1 and day 2 at least 1 week to work on the innovation case.


Day 2
Analyse the information

Define phase continued: analyse information and formulate a to the point innovation challenge.

Create phase: use creative thinking techniques to come with pattern breaking out of the box solutions.  

Prototyping and testing phase: visualize your solutions by building (quick & dirty) prototypes.  

Pitching: finish the training with a short pitch of your new product or service.


Applying Design Thinking means constant learning, letting go of existing patterns and testing new solutions. It is a non-linear method in which the joint result is more important than the correct sequence of process steps. It is also a short-cyclical method. The point is to gain high quality insights from the right stakeholders as soon as possible. These insights are then tested, validated and adjusted again. You repeat this a number of times. This way you quickly find the right solution for your customers.

Many hands-on individual and group exercises and finally a presentation. 


After attending the training participants will receive a High Tech Institute certificate. 

* Prices are subject to change. Price correction will be applied at the end of the year.