This is a comprehensive training for those who work in a software environment where object-oriented software development is applied or will be applied. In lectures the typical OO approach for requirements analysis and design and the development of a complete analysis model in UML will be explained. Several practical exercises will help in the understanding and benefits of the OO approach compared to the more traditional (functional) approach. The course also gives insight in how a detailed design can be implemented in a programming language like C++ or JAVA. Read more about the relevance here.

This training is available for open enrollment as well as for in-company sessions. For in-company sessions, this OOAD training can be adapted to your situation and special needs.

Intended for

This course is intended for software developers, software engineers, project leaders and software managers who work in an environment where object-oriented software development is (going to be) applied.

The maximum group size is 12 course participants

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Start date (1)
Duration 2 times 2 days
Frequency Once per year
Price per participant € 2,840 excl. VAT *
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The training event consists of two modules, a module with focus on object oriented requirements analysis and a module with focus on object oriented design and implementation. These two are tightly coupled using examples and exercises throughout both modules. After the event the participant will:

  • Understand the typical OO approach for requirements analysis and design;
  • Have the ability to analyse a given problem statement and to develop an analysis model in UML using the OO approach, i.e.: capture the required system and software behaviour in use-case specifications, state diagrams and interaction diagrams;
  • Have the ability to translate the analysis model into an architectural model in UML that takes care of all the functional and non-functional requirements;
  • Have insight in how an OO detailed design can be implemented in an object oriented programming language (C++ or JAVA).  


In the training about 30% of the time will be spent on practical work, mostly small exercises.

The OOAD - extended version  (9 days) has the same scheme as the fast track (4 days), but gives more attention to the introduction of UML, non-functional requirements, use case analysis, design by contract and SW libraries and reflection on exercise results and cases entered for discussion.


After attending, participants receive a High Tech Institute certificate.

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Remarks from participants

"Learned a lot, met my expectations, well organized, good exercises to practice the just learned theory."

Guido Claessen – ASML

"Useful overview helped in gaining attention, example-oriented teaching was useful."

Avanti Vyas - ASML

"I really enjoyed it. Martijn is a great inspirational teacher."


"Extremely useful course, filled with engaging exercises, presented in a clear and concise manner by the lecturer." 

Ivan Jirov – Sioux Technologies B.V.