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User interfaces are becoming more important every day and users expect a user experience as nice as their high performance smart phones. During our one day training UX for Software Engineers we equip you with the basic knowledge about good user interface design. Not only will you learn about the fundamentals, but also you will gain hands on experience.

Two expert trainers will be involved for extensive guidance.  


  • If on-site training is not feasible, we will transition to a live, interactive online (virtual) or hybrid format. If this transition is necessary, we will contact you in advance for your approval.
  • The training is available for in-company editions.


After the training you will be able to create well designed, functioning user interfaces.

Intended for

This course is intended for software engineers who develop applications with user interfaces and have to interact with designers. They will be able to effectively work together with designers to create user interfaces that are implementable with the technology they are using.

For software engineers who have to interact with designers this training on the foundations of user experience is an important addition to their skill set.

Course schedule In-company only
Duration 1 day
Price per participant On request
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The programme covers:

  • Introduction on UX Design
  • Return on investment of UX
  • What is the core of the UX Design job?
  • Core of UX: interaction design and graphics design
  • Specific UX Patterns
  • Designing a multiple language user interface and tips & tricks that will save you lots of head aches
  • What software to use for UX?
  • Design cases workshop
  • Testing your application with real users!

Both lecturers & exercises. Two expert trainers will be involved for extensive guidance.  


After attending, participants acquire a High Tech Institute certificate.

Remarks from participants

"This training opened the eyes of many developers regarding how to approach UX and UI design challenges in our GUIs and to make the most of them for our customers."

Snorri Stefansson - Prodrive Technologies

* Prices are subject to change. Price correction will be applied at the end of the year.