The 3rd edition of the revised training, Design principles for precision engineering, once again received high scores. When asked, “How likely is it that you would recommend the training to others,” participants responded with an 8.94 (out of 10).

The most common feedback received from participants is that they appreciate the opportunities for interaction and the numerous practical exercises, all designed to enhance understanding. Because of this, the training is in high demand and sold out both the June and the upcoming November 2019 courses. The next edition is slated for June 2020 and registration is now open.

About two years ago, Jan van Eijk and Adrian Rankers from our partner Mechatronics Academy have taken the lead in the transition to the new format and new team of trainers. When asked about the success of the training, Adrian Rankers answers: “The secret of this course is the great mix of experienced teachers from industry and academia. Huub Janssen and his co-trainers from Entechna, Twente University and NTS are doing a great job in fine-tuning and further improving each edition of the training. All of the instructors have their own style, and based on their extensive experience, they can tell a consistent and coherent story while utilizing several relevant exercises. Near the end, participants break up into four to five teams, and we assign them a larger case to work through. To end the course, we invite two guest speakers from precision surgery start-ups to come and talk about their applications and to highlight why DPPE is so important.”