Dr. Onno van Roosmalen


Onno van Roosmalen

Work experience:

Research Fellow, Nuclear Physics Accelerator Institute (KVI), Groningen


Post Doctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA

1982- 1984

Assistant Professor of Nuclear Physics, Yale University, New Haven, CT


Assistant Professor of Computer Science, TU Eindhoven

1987- 1999

Knowledge Dissemination Manager, (E)ESI, Eindhoven


Independent consultant and trainer


O.S. van Roosmalen, Chamber of Commerce Eindhoven 17125379
Training programs on object-oriented techniques (UML), particularly applied to real-time and embedded systems.

Motivation to lecture:
The combination of design issues and real-time is very interesting. The course shows some real engineering aspects of software development.

Specific way of teaching:
Balanced amount of theory and practice. Much interaction. Excellent case studies. Much practice yourself. Detailed solutions made available.

Also read the interview with Onno van Roosmalen & Tim van Heijst: 'Object-oriented techniques are also suitable for PLCs'.

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Master's degree: Cum Laude.

Dr. Onno van Roosmalen gives the following training:

Software → Training Object-oriented system control automation
Software → Training Object-oriented analysis and design - fast track
Software → Training Design patterns and emergent architecture
System → Training Introduction to SysML
System → Training System modelling with SysML
Software → Design of real-time software - workshop
Software → Training Object-oriented analysis and design - extended