We are grateful to have received participants from all over the world for our course ‘Electromagnetic compatibility – design techniques’.

On the 9th of April we started this 5-days course with a varied group:

  • 2 participants from Saudi Arabia;
  • 2 participants from Slovenia;
  • 1 participant from Romania;
  • 1 participant from Germany;
  • 1 participant from Belgium;
  • 4 participants from the Netherlands;

Our team of lecturers taught about electromagnetic emission and susceptibility in products and systems: problems, analysis methods, measures. The issues addressed evolved and now cover a larger frequency range from DC up to the 6 GHz level discussing new problems and matching solutions.

All 11 participants filled out our evaluation form. We are delighted to announce that the average overall score is 8.9 out of 10! The lecturers were also assessed with an average score of 8.9 out of 10. Congratulations to you all!

Some of the quotes participants wrote down:
– ‘The training was well balanced and the contents were well prepared’.
– ‘I have learned a lot on theory and examples for EMC’.
– ‘Everything was beneficial’.
– ‘Very helpful in gaining more insight about EMC design and development techniques’.
– ‘I like the hands-on approach’.