High Tech Institute rolled out a very successful first edition of the one day boot camp course ‘How to be successful in the Dutch high tech work culture. The April edition got an overall score of 9.1 out of 10.

Eight participants from five companies and different nationalities attended. Participants commented very positive.

‘Really helpful and to the point. It shed light on many aspects of Dutch work culture that I wasn’t aware of prior to joining. Exercises are the best bit.’

‘Very useful. In-depth for one day. Very pleased.’

‘Very good advises and tips.’

‘It was most interesting to see the different nationalities present and their views on Dutch culture.’

Participants said they would certainly recommend this training to others. The question ‘Would you recommend this training to others?’ got an average score of 9.6.

The one day boot camp course ‘How to successfully perform in the Dutch high tech work culture’ was developed by High Tech Institute’s content partner Settels Savenije & Friedrich. In the past months these experts in soft skills and leadership organised several knowledge sessions in Eindhoven and welcomed over 200 expats. One of them was hosted by The Holland Expat Center South.

High Tech Institute received requests from high tech companies and will plan several editions this year. The next edition is scheduled for 26 August 2019 in Eindhoven. It is open for everyone to attend.